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Aromatherapy Massage in stockport

The Stockport aromatherapy massage is similar to the Swedish massage as it uses the same techniques of long and slow strokes but also includes the use of essential oils to enhance the relaxation even further. This treatment is designed to help clients feel calm and tranquil in a peaceful environment. There is a selection of essential oils to choose from depending on how the clients want to feel: chamomile or lavender is for calm and relaxation, rose, ylang-ylang and neroli oils are used for uplifting moods and rosemary is ideal for boosting energy. Eucalyptus and tea tree oil can also be used for decongestion purposes for clients struggling with sinus problems.

The aromatherapy massage Stockport is tailored to each client’s needs to ensure you receive the best treatment and outstanding results. Not only do the essential oils offer a range of benefits, the aromatherapy massage near Stockport is perfect for targeting stress and tension in the muscles especially in the back, neck and shoulders which makes clients feel much lighter within and relaxed. The essential oils used release molecules that are either inhaled or absorbed through the skin to ensure clients receive all of the benefits in both mind and body.

The essential oils are also known to help with conditions such as anxiety, depression, menstrual pain and insomnia. You are guaranteed to find the best aromatherapy massage Stockport has to offer right here for all of the incredible benefits of a regular treatment.

Is the aromatherapy massage suitable for everyone?

The aromatherapy massage is suitable for all clients who are feeling stressed, tired and anxious. However, it is not suitable for pregnant women and only on advice from your medical practitioner following certain medical procedures..

What are the benefits of an aromatherapy massage?

• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Enhances relaxation and tranquillity
• Improves circulation
• Stimulates the organs and lymph flow

How often should I book an aromatherapy massage?

A weekly appointment or a monthly appointment is both beneficial for the body. The time in between appointments largely depends on the ailments of each client.

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