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The Stockport back massage is essential for clients who are struggling with back pain as this treatment targets this specific area to ensure you receive an effective massage for the best possible results. The back is the most common part of the body which is often in pain whether from working, sports injuries or due to age. There are 77 different muscles in the back and the back massage in Stockport involves the therapists using long and deep strokes to target and work out the knots in the muscles for immediate pain relief and relaxation.

Back pain affects many people’s lives and a regular back massage near Stockport provides improved posture, increased circulation, relief for headaches and even soothes feelings of anxiety and depression. The best back massage Stockport offers begins with long strokes and varied amounts of pressure to warm up and loosen the muscles. The muscles are also kneaded and vibrations can be used to work on the trigger points and knots to stretch and manipulate the muscles to release built up stress and tension. Lactic acid often builds up in the muscles which cause problems and so a back massage Stockport releases this and improves circulation for immediate pain relief.

This is a hugely popular option for many clients looking for a more focused treatment and you can find the best places for back massage Stockport based for a guaranteed expert service and long lasting results.

Does a back massage use oils?

Oil is not always used for a back massage, however many therapists use oil for its advantages of gliding across the skin easier and for the many benefits it provides for the body.

What does aftercare involve after a back massage?

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, don’t do anything strenuous and relax for a little while to allow for the best results.

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