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Body Scrub Massage in Stockport

The body scrub massage in Stockport involves the application of an abrasive substance which is rubbed into the skin to remove dead skin cells and dirt to reveal gorgeous, glowing skin. The body scrub massage Stockport based is a popular option for clients with dry and flaky skin as the rough substance involving sugar or salt, a massage lotion and an essential oil of the client’s choice. It effectively exfoliates and hydrates the skin which provides incredible results of super smooth and soft skin. This Stockport body scrub massage also increases circulation and helps the drainage of lymph nodes due to increased blood flow at the skin’s surface.

The best body scrub massage Stockport clients enjoy is also known as a facial for the body and the expert therapist gently massages the salt scrub into the skin all over the body using long relaxing strokes to reinvigorate the client. The skin is stimulated which accelerates the regeneration of skin cells which in turn leaves the skin with a beautiful, youthful glow which enhances wellbeing inside and out. The body scrub massage near Stockport is suitable for both men and women and is ideal for those looking to improve their skin condition.

A regular treatment is essential for long term results of gorgeous skin, reduced stress, less spot breakouts and skin hydration and you can easily find the best places for body scrub massage Stockport right here for an expert transformation!

What should I wear to a body scrub massage?

This massage requires access to your skin and so clients are required to remove all clothing excepting lower underwear to allow for the body scrub mixture to be applied.

Is the abrasive substance painful?

Unless you have very low pain levels, it shouldn’t be painful as it offers a refreshing treatment which effectively removes dead skin cells and dirt to reveal gorgeous, unblemished skin.

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