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The Stockport hand massage is ideal for clients who constantly use their hands and need to give them some TLC. Whether your work requires typing at a keyboard all day, heavy lifting or due to other strenuous and repetitive activities, a relaxing hand massage in Stockport is essential for immediate pain relief and tranquillity in a luxurious environment. A range of techniques are used to effectively massage the muscles in the hands to reduce pain, swelling and release the built up tension. Not only is the best hand massage Stockport offers used for relaxation, it is also extremely beneficial in improving a range of health conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and neuropathy.

Effleurage is the main technique used during the hand massage near Stockport which involves the application of varied amounts of pressure whilst gently massaging the muscles from the fingers to the wrists and in some cases all the way up to the elbow too. Massage oil is often used to smooth the movements and as the muscles are warmed, this encourages healing and repair to the hands. A quick 15 minute treatment in the best places for hand massage Stockport, will leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and will also nourish and moisturise the hands for a soft and silky finish.

Why should I choose a hand massage instead of a full body massage?

This is a quick and effective treatment that targets a specific area of the body for clients who need pain relief in their hands rather than a full body experience.

How often should I have a hand massage?

Once a week is beneficial if you are suffering from a hand condition such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome or every 2 weeks or even a month is suitable for regular clients.

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