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The Stockport four hand massage is the perfect option for clients in need of even deeper relaxation than a classic Swedish massage. The use of four hands upon the body creates such an intense sensation that the brain cannot keep up, which allows even the most stressed clients to finally let go of the tension and relax under these expert hands. The four hand massage Stockport offers requires two therapists who use synchronised movements to enhance the feelings of bliss and the two extra hands take this massage to a whole new level of relaxation never experienced with a normal massage.

During the best four hand massage Stockport provides, the therapists both use long strokes, kneading and varied amounts of pressure and pace to create an outstanding sense of calm all over the body which allows the brain to stop over-working and release all the built up stress for an out of this world experience. If you require specific areas to be targeted, one therapist will apply more pressure to this area while the other therapist lightly applies pressure elsewhere which distracts the brain and offers less resistance where you need the relief. Discover an incredible four hand massage near Stockport and receive all the benefits that come with it including better sleep, improved wellbeing and deep relaxation.

What are the benefits of a four hand massage?

• Deeper relaxation than any other massage
• Increased circulation
• Encourages quicker muscle repair
• A range of massage techniques are used for better results

Is a four hand massage worth the extra cost?

Yes, especially for those who struggle to relax, this is an essential treatment which completely relaxes and calms the body for exceptional results.

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