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The Stockport sports massage is most commonly chosen by sports people, both amateurs and professionals, who are regularly involved in sports of all intensities. This is a highly effective treatment which manipulates and targets the knots in the muscles and soft tissue after a sporting event to promote healing and repair within. The sports massage in Stockport also supports the body after physical activity and relaxes the muscles to help people avoid any injuries. The massage is also ideal for clients who have a sporting injury or sprain and a regular treatment offers pain relief and gradually heals the body.

 A wide range of techniques are used during the best sports massage Stockport has to offer to effectively loosen the muscles and realign the tissue. An assessment of the injury is required to determine which treatment will be most beneficial for the best possible results. A regular sports massage Stockport provides an array of improvements including pain relief, improved mobility and flexibility, reduced inflammation and release toxins. It has never been easier to find the best places for sports massage Stockport where you will be guaranteed a professional treatment with expert long term results.

Is the sports massage only for sports people?

No! Although it is highly beneficial for sports injuries, it simply provides deep relief for a range of injuries and muscle problems that can occur in any clients.

How often should I have a regular sports massage?

This depends on the severity of your injury. Many sports people receive a sports massage after every event or once a week to maintain muscle strength and mobility whereas regular clients may only need a treatment once a fortnight or even once a month.

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