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The Stockport Swedish massage is one of the most popular treatments available due to the focus on pure relaxation in both the muscles and the mind. It is an essential form of therapy for clients who are in need of stress relief as the therapist uses their hands to perform long, deep strokes to enhance relaxation and release the built-up stress and tension. The Swedish massage in Stockport involves the use of a wide range of techniques including stroking, kneading, vibration and rubbing all in the direction of blood flow to the heart to achieve a complete state of bliss within the client. Some therapists also use the addition of massage oil and essential oils which are absorbed into the skin to enhance relaxation and offer improvements to the skin condition for even better results.

The best Swedish massage Stockport offers many benefits for the body and mind and it is the basis for many other massage forms due to the simple yet effective technique. There are many benefits achieved with a regular Swedish massage near Stockport, including deep relaxation, pain and stress relief, increased circulation and improved mobility and flexibility and improved posture. The best places for Swedish massage Stockport offer clients guaranteed expert service and long lasting results.

Is a Swedish massage painful?

No, this massage focuses purely on the relaxation of clients, rather than a deep tissue massage or sports massage which can be painful when working out knots in the body.

Is a Swedish massage a full body massage?

In most cases it is to ensure clients receive the full experience of relaxation over their body but some clients can ask for it in one part of the body only for a more focused treatment.

What benefits does a Swedish massage provide?

• Deep relaxation
• Increased circulation
• Stress and tension relief
• Reduces headaches
• Improves wellbeing within

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