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The Stockport oil massage is ideal for clients in need of stress relief. It involves the effleurage technique which is commonly used in the Swedish massage which includes long, deep strokes of the body with the addition of massage oil to smooth the movements. The oil is absorbed into the skin and is also used to soothe and relax the client as the therapist uses varying amounts of pressure to provide pain relief and release the built up stress and tension in the body. The oil massage in Stockport warms up the muscles which enhances the feeling of relaxation and calm to create a more intense massage than the regular Swedish massage.

The best oil massage Stockport provides is essential for busy clients with stressful work lives and the private therapy rooms are designed to make sure clients feel comfortable in a soothing atmosphere. There are many benefits that come with a regular oil massage near Stockport, including relaxed muscles, pain relief, reduced inflammation, improves skin condition and improves sleep patterns. It is also a popular service with older clients as it improves mobility by stimulating the muscles and soft tissue for long lasting results. The best places for oil massage Stockport offers are easily found and you are guaranteed a professional service that is tailored to your individual needs.

How long is an oil massage?

On average an oil massage is an hour session, depending on the individual concerns and ailments of each client.

What are the results of an oil massage?

Clients will feel relaxed, less stressed, more mobile and circulation is increased which improves wellbeing within.

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